GameTribe Diabotical duel series #1

Start date: TBH

Finish date: TBH

Start time: TBH

Finish time: TBH

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Stream: This is Zoot, Gametribe, NVC

Discord: Join our Discord Channel

Prize pool:1 day cups 1ST:$60, 2ND:$20. final, 1ST:$400, 2ND:$200, 3RD:$100, 4TH:$50, 5TH-8TH$25. Total $1410.

Format: Rules for full double elimination as follows: Winner Bracket: BO1 till the quarter final, BO3 WB quater finals, B03 WB semi finals, B03 WB final, B05 Grandfinal (important note, there will be a 1 map advantage for the winner bracket finalist). Low Bracket: BO1 all matches (including LB final).


Lower seed will pick first.

BO1:drop, drop drop drop, pick.

BO3:pick pick, drop drop, pick.

BO5:pick pick, pick pick, pick.

Fair Play Rule: Participants are expected to play by their full capacity at all times. Deliberately losing will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification from the next part of the tournament.

Conduct: All participants are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times. Abusive language, excessive swearing, and other forms of disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. The Tournament Admin may, in his or her sole discretion, remove any player for violation of this rule.

Timeouts: Each player may call up to two (2) timeouts per map for technical reasons. Players are not allowed to call any timeouts for tactical reasons; doing so may result in a map loss.

Rules for Attendance: All players are to check in on with in the time allotted, this is normally 1 hour before the check in closes, every player is also to join the Gametribe Discord on time as well so that the admin can see you are here and are ready to play and take part in the tournament. Any player who does not chick in on challonge or is not on IRC with in the check in time frame will be removed from the tournament and most likely replaced.

The current check in time is TBH.

Players who are not able to play there game on the date they are needed to play or a simple no show, Then that player or players will forfeit there place in the cup.

Admin: As the tournament admin i may, in my sole discretion, suspend or modify any rule without further notice if, in my judgment, a modification is necessary to preserve the integrity of the tournament, or to prevent cheating or unfair circumstances.

Donation: For anyone who would like to support the GameTribe tournaments please use the link below, and thank you to everyone that donates in advance.

New paypal donations email . I have updated all the gametribe paypal emails to make it easier for me to know where and to what game all donations are to be allocated. Big thanks to all of those who have donated so far.

For anyone who would like to support the GameTribe duel series and see that it continues season after season, please Donate $1 a month if you can.

Organizer:Keith 'LordSoth' Pay. Server & Networking Admin:Dean 'Jugger' Marshall. Finances:Keith 'LordSoth' Pay. Web Site:Keith 'LordSoth' Pay.