The Venue

The GameTribe lan will be held at The Activity Centre Chester Road North, Brownhills, Walsall, West Midlands WS8 7JW. The venue has a main hall that can easily sit 50 gamers and there computers and space for indoor sleeping. There are also many hotels and bed & breakfasts nearby the Venue for those who do not wish to stay at the venue.

There is no bar so you will have to bring your own drinks into the Venue. There is a kitchen area.

Whats going on

This is a casual lan for fun, and to make it even more fun there will be LAN tournaments held. Details of these can be found on the Tournament page and will be updated when new tournaments are added.

There will also be plenty of other game servers running there. See the supported games list to our games servers that will be running.

This will be a BYOC LAN only, There will not be any computers for people to use.

Organizer:Keith 'LordSoth' Pay. Server & Networking Admin:Dean 'Jugger' Marshall. Finances:Keith 'LordSoth' Pay. Web Site:Keith 'LordSoth' Pay.