Lan Tournaments


Prize pool: Prize pool TBA.
Map pool: Cure, Sinister, Aerowalk, Lost World, Delirium, Dismemberment, Toxicity
IRC-Channel: #gametribecups (irc.quakenet servers)

Group stage BO3.
First 4 from each group pass on to the single elimination bracket.
Single elimination BO5.
Final BO7.
for BO3 - pick pick, drop drop drop drop, pick.
for BO5 - pick pick, drop drop, pick pick pick.
for BO7 final - cointoss winner pick first map, after this maploser pick next map

If anyone would like to support the FPS Gaming Lan Tournaments then please feel free to donate and add your support to these community held gaming lans. All Donations go towards Prize pools. NOTE, Donaters get a say in the maps that are in the pool.

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